Auburn Alehouse Hall of Fame

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Year Round

Gold Country Pilsner

Our most award winning beer, Gold Country Pilsner is brewed as a traditional American-style Pilsner - a popular beer enjoyed by early settlers in our region. Our Pilsner is pale in color, has brilliant clarity and a soft white head. The subtle up front biscuit flavor balances well with the delicate hops that contribute to this beer's dry, snappy finish.

2013 GABF ~ American-Style or International-Style Pilsner - Bronze
2012 GABF ~ American-Style or International-Style Pilsner - Gold
2010 GABF ~ American-Style or International-Style Pilsner - Bronze
2013 California State Fair - 3rd Place
2011 California State Fair - 2nd Place
2010 California State Fair - 2nd Place

American River Pale Ale

Our version of the West Coast classic Pale Ale is both extremely balanced and refreshing, crisp and highly drinkable. A delicate caramel malt profile gives way to a vibrant hop flavor, with a dry citrus hop aroma and orangey fruitiness in the finish.

2010 California State Fair - 1st Place 

Gold Digger IPA

Pale and crystal malts provide the backbone and golden hue, while Summit, Simcoe & Chinook hops do the dancing on your tongue. Late hop additions to the kettle and dry hopping in the fermenter give our India Pale Ale both hop aroma and flavor worth diggin' for!

2017 GABF ~ American-style India Pale Ale, Silver
Bistro IPA Festival 2016 - Silver
California State Fair 2009 - Gold
Bistro IPA Festival 2008 - Bronze

Whitey's Rusty Spur Lager

This light industrial lager is brewed in the traditional American style. It is a tribute to our dear friend Whitey, a true American Cowboy. So saddle up and enjoy this beer brewed for a good time!

Fool's Gold

Don't let looks deceive you; this unassuming American Strong Ale packs a punch! Light in color and full bodied due to our brewers adding foolish amounts of pale malted barley and buckets of Pacific Northwest hops. Fool's Gold starts almost honey sweet and finishes quite dry, with an impressive balance that is neither overly hoppy or sweet.

My Friday Hazy IPA

Even if your week doesn’t end on the weekend, let loose with this juicy, hazy IPA packed with tropical aromas of lemon-lime and candied pineapple from Cashmere and Strata hops. Unfiltered and chewy with a silky smooth finish. Gold at California Brewers Cup.


Old Town Brown

Styled after the classic English Brown Ale, Old Town Brown is truly one of the most sessionable ales on the menu. Old Town Brown has a smooth yet complex maltiness derived from a special blend of roasted chocolate and caramel malts. Don't be surprised if you can't just order one!

2016 GABF ~ English-Style Mild Ale - Bronze
2009 California State Fair - 1st Place

PU 240 Imperial IPA

Named after the isotope essential for nuclear grade weapons, this "Weapons Grade Ale" is the hop bomb you didn't see coming! At 100 bittering units, PU 240 captures the explosive hop flavor and aroma necessary to achieve a critical mass that you won't find in other high-hop ales. A classified and combustible amount of Summit and Galena hops along with a double dry-hop bombardment of Simcoe, Amarillo and Centennial contribute to PU 240's high rate of hop fusion.

2011 California State Fair -  1st place

Shanghai Stout

ull-bodied with roasted coffee undertones, our stout is mashed with over 100 pounds of oats to give it a smooth, creamy profile. Nitrogen is employed to produce a thick, creamy head and to enhance drinkability. Its name is a tribute to the bar and restaurant that formerly occupied ours.

2011 California State Fair - 2nd Place
2009 California State Fair - 2nd Place


McFord’s Irish Red Ale

McFord’s Irish Red Ale was inspired by a recent trip to Ireland. The Fords tasted their way through the Emerald Isle picking apart the flavors and nuances of traditional Reds and Stouts that have been brewed there for centuries.

McFord’s IRA is ruby red and showcases a fine malt body with a slight mineral presence. A steady hand of traditional hops just balances the sweetness out and are present in the background.

Independence Day Ale (ADA)

All-American Pale Ale brewed with US grown malted barley and hops! “IDA” is pale and crisp with a medium-bodied malt profile. A star-spangled hop cast provides rich piney and citrus notes and just enough bitterness to tame the malt sweetness. Independence Day Ale is the best choice for slaking the heat on a hot July day. Raise a pint to all who keep us independent!

Podium IPA

Crushable American IPA

Oktoberfest Marzen

Oktoberfest Marzen is our interpretation of an authentic German Marzen. Amber-red in color this lager is matured for over 30 days with our unique lager yeast strain. The result is a “fest" Marzen with delicate malt and hop flavor that is very quaffable!

Available September 15th until it sells out.

Grave Digger Black IPA

Our Black IPA is brewed with dehusked black malts to lend a dark, rich roasted malt character. This seasonal brew also has copious amounts of Columbus, Centennial and Cascade hops.

Old Prospector Barleywine Style Ale

With over 6 months of aging this “wine-strength” ale has been greatly enhanced by its long slumbering contact with the Whiskey soaked barrels. A bouquet of soft oak, plumb and raisin give way to a slight whiskey profile which balances nicely with complex malt and a gentle hop presence.

If you can find the willpower, cellar this unique Ale as it will continue to mature and reward.

2010 California State Fair - 2nd Place

Final Final

It's the end of the night and the time is just right for the "final final". The brewers held back their hop buckets just a touch to let the hints of tropical fruit and pineapple refresh your senses. Although you might not be on a tropical island, let the notes of citrus and passionfruit transport you to your favorite beach. Final Final is a wonderfully refreshing beer to start your day or end your night with. Just try and make it your last! 

Brewer's Special

All American Brown

What’s more American than Coffee, Toffee and big American Aroma Hops? All-American Brown’s medium body gives you subtle coffee and toffee flavors while American “C” hops tie it all up with citrus and floral hop aroma. 

2020 GABF Bronze - American Brown Ale

Californium IPA

An old dog with new tricks! We originally brewed this beer after a gathering with friends at O'Brien's Pub in San Diego, a common thought among us was brought to light; why should a brewery produce only one IPA? The isotope IPA series was born.

Brewed as a single IPA, hopped like a double IPA, Californium (named after a man-made isotope suitable for medical-grade use) dutifully employs the "C" hops that were made famous in the formidable years of California's craft beer scene. Our brewers brought in some new hops, Comet and Idaho 7 to add new hop fabulousness to this old favorite! Light and dry, a true California-style IPA.

Available whenever we have extra tank space!

Placer Porter

Flavors of chocolate, cinnamon and toffee. Dispensed with nitrogen for a creamy, decadent and velvety finish.

ZZ Hop Triple IPA

ZZ Hop triple IPA was brewed as a tribute to a true hop fanatic who is known in these parts as “The Hop Hunter”. The elusive bearded Sierra Hop Hunter can be found in the mountainous regions of Northern California. While not officially nocturnal, he prefers to hunt hops in low light conditions for extended periods of time.

Triple the hop iSOBERization from three different forms of Chinook, Centennial and Amarillo hops. An intense floral and piney aroma with an explosion of hop flavor quickly turn to sharp bitterness followed by a brief encounter with malted barley.

One sip will make your tongue feel like a hop oil spill has occurred just past your lips.

Hop Donkey Imperial Red Ale

Hop Donkey Imperial Red Ale has a deep red hue thanks to highly kilned crystal and roasted chocolate malts. Intense hop flavors and aromas from a concoction of Northwest “C” hops with a touch of Amarillo. Hop Donkey’s 85 IBU’s are balanced by a smooth caramel malt character that keeps you braying for more.

2017 GABF ~ Double Red Ale - Gold
2014 GABF ~ Imperial Red Ale - Silver

Vaccinator XXX IPA

In collaboration with Slice Beer Co, this triple West Coast IPA is the tasty cure! With Strata, Mosaic, Chinook and Amarillo hops, this brew relieves instantaneously and has beneficial side effects!