Who We Are

Auburn Alehouse is a Craft Brewery with a from scratch Gastropub Menu located in the heart of Old Town Auburn off Interstate 80. Established in 2007, we have become one of the most visited places in Auburn. We are an 18-tap brewery with a full bar including a great selection of craft whiskies. Open 7 days a week, we serve the community of Auburn along with a constant stream of travelers year-round. We value our community and take pride in being a strong community partner.

Come Drink (and eat) with us!

Craft Brewery & Restaurant

Craft Brewery & Restaurant in historic Auburn, California. Making world-class beer in small batches.
Private Events

The Annex

Bring your next holiday party or private event to the Annex for your own intimate gathering that’s sure to be remembered.

Our Brewing Process

Malt is crushed and de-husked so that the brewers can easily get to the starches inside the kernel. The husk (skin of kernel) acts as a filter in the run-off.

Malt is mixed with hot water and brought to a very precise temperature where the enzymes in the malt break down the starches into sugars.

The liquid from the mash, now called wort, which has all the sugars in it from the malt is brought up to a boil. The hops are added in the boil. Depending on when in the boil they are added, they will impart either bitterness, flavor or aroma.

After the boil the hopped wort is pumped through the heat exchanger and cooled from 212 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. On the way to the fermenter, as it comes out of the heat exchanger, the wort is pitched with yeast.

The yeast that was pitched will now metabolize (convert) the sugars from the malt into alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2). For ales this will take between 3-5 days, and for lagers it will take between 7-10 days.

After the fermentation the beer will be brought down in temperature to about 32 degrees and will condition for 1-3 weeks. It will then be filtered and any remaining yeast or hop compounds will be trapped in the filter sheets and a clear, finished beer will come out and be ready to go into bottles, kegs or directly to the bar.


Brian Ford

It’s impossible to come to any conclusion other than Brian Ford was born to be a Brewmaster, following an unrelenting path that culminated in the creation of the Auburn Alehouse.

Justin Carapella

Destined to follow craft beer to its heartland, Justin moved to the West Coast to take his craft to higher heights with the Auburn Alehouse team. Justin is our lead brewer and works hard each day to achieve and exceed the high standards set forth by our award-winning ales and lagers. When he's not brewing, you might find him backpacking, hiking or gardening. Anything that connects him with the great outdoors.

Ryan Schlittenhart

Ryan has always had a passion for craft beer and wanted to pursue becoming a brewer. He said, "I'm so glad I made that decision because I am enjoying this new trade so much and learning something new every day. I am so thankful to be learning from the best of the best!" Single IPA's and Pilsners are amongst his favorite styles of beer.