Currently On Tap


Final Final

A tropical IPA that will refresh your senses!

IPA | 6.6%

Fool’s Gold Ale

The Pale that Packs a Punch!

Strong Pale Ale | 7.8%

Gold Country Pilsner

A touch of maize lends a subtle sweetness and light body.

Pilsner | 5%

Gold Digger IPA

Here’s a nugget that James Marshall missed!

IPA | 6.3%

Grave Digger IPA

A black version of our Gold Digger IPA.

Black IPA | 7.3%

Oktoberfest Marzen

Oktoberfest Marzen is our interpretation of an authentic German Marzen.

Marzen | 5.2%

Old Town Brown

Our medium-bodied Brown Ale is styled after the popular English Mild Ale.

Brown Ale | 3.8%

PU 240 Imperial IPA

Named after the isotope essential for nuclear grade weapons, this “Weapons Grade Ale” is the hop bomb you didn’t see coming!

IPA | 8%

Shanghai Stout

Full-bodied with roasted coffee undertones, our stout is mashed with over 100 pounds of oats to give it a smooth, creamy profile.

Stout | 4.8%