America’s Independence is something to Celebrate

IDA_4thOne of our favorite holidays is here again, 4th of July. This is a big event at the Alehouse and we are excited to announce a limited release of Independence Day Ale (IDA) in 22 ounce bottles for the first time! IDA is an All-American Pale Ale brewed with US grown malted barley and hops. It’s pale and crisp with a medium bodied malt profile. A star-spangled hop cast provides rich piney and citrus notes and just enough bitterness to tame the malt sweetness. This will be your go to Alehouse brew for a nice hot summer day, whether it’s on our patio or in your ice chest for a day at the lake.

We will brew only three batches of this holiday elixir so make sure you hunt it down. The release party will be held on June 28th when IDA goes on tap at the Alehouse. Tom Dalldorf with Celebrator magazine and Tom McCormick with the California Craft Brewers Association will be here to help us celebrate seven years and the release of IDA. A live band will be out on the patio and between sets Tom and Tom will perform with an Alehouse staff band which you won’t want to miss!

We can’t have you all walking around this 4th without an IDA shirt on your back, so from July 1st to July 4th we will be offering men’s shirts for only $12 and women’s shirts for only $15! Make sure you stop in and get your gear and your IDA bottles because both will sell out fast.


Brian & Lisa Ford and the Alehouse staff

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