beer glass Auburn Alehouse

ZZ HOP Triple India Pale Ale

February 2012

ZZ Hop triple IPA was brewed as a tribute to a true hop fanatic who is known in these parts as “The Hop Hunter”. The allusive bearded Sierra Hop Hunter can be found in the mountainous regions of Northern California. While not officially nocturnal, he prefers to hunt hops in low light conditions for extended periods of time.

Triple the hop iSOBERization from three different forms of Chinook, Centennial and Amarillo hops. An intense floral and piney aroma with an explosion of hop flavor quickly turns to sharp bitterness followed by a brief encounter with malted barley.

One sip will make your tongue feel like a hop oil spill has occurred just past your lips. 9.4% abv 100 IBU


On Tap 22 oz. bottles

Food Pairings


Original Gravity: 20
Bittering Units (BU's): 100
Alcohol (%by vol): 9.4


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