Adventure Club

Auburn is the Endurance Capital of the world and with some of the best hiking running and riding trails in California on our door step, we decided to create the Alehouse Adventure Club. Owners Lisa and Brian Ford have always had a love of the outdoors and obviously a passion for great beer so we combined the two! We are looking for some like-minded individuals that want to get together, head outside, get a sweat on and enjoy a great craft beer when we are done. You could say we are a beer club with an adventure problem.

The membership is $50 and includes:

  • Your membership card - valid until you have used all the punches!
  • 12 sessions with a certified personal trainer who is also a certified kayaking instructor and white-water rafting guide
  • 12 visits to the Annex or Alehouse where your beers are $1 off
  • $5 off your bill coupon
  • $10 off your bill coupon
  • One piece of member only limited-edition swag
  • $1 off a crowler fill 

We will offer two classes a week which will vary in the style of class. Our goal is to offer a variety of training so you can get a mixture of activities or pick and choose what classes you want to come to. We hope to offer: running, hiking, bootcamp workouts, yoga, Pilates and eventually extra sessions where we go kayaking, river rafting, mountain biking etc. Some events are kid friendly. Any children under 13 can attend these events for free but must still sign a waiver.

We also have a Facebook Group with more tips and tricks for health and wellness with videos and links for new workouts, stretching and more. 

You can sign up for a membership at the Alehouse at any time during regular business hours or at the beginning of any event! 

Updates you need to know

There are a couple reminders for everyone:

  • If you plan on attending an event you MUST RSVP by at least 5pm the night before. You can contact us via either the Group Facebook Page or by texting Phil directly at 530-320-6516.
  • You must bring your membership cards with you to every session.
  • If you are a member and have not signed a waiver, please be prepared to do so at the next event. IF you still have it at home, please mail it back.
  • Non-members are only allowed ONE free session and they must sign a waiver before the session. WE have to stay strong on this rule. It's only $50 and the benefits far outweigh the price. So get your friends on board if they want to come have fun with us!