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There are few people who always rise to the situation, come through for the team and do so with a smile and a happy heart. AJ is certainly one of those people. Thank you for your continued support and hard work over the last 12 years AJ!



"My name is Alexis and I’ve been a server at Auburn Alehouse since October 2020. In addition to being a server, I create ceramic art for my own business called TerraformingMoxie.

Making ceramics started as a form of therapy for my during one of those rough patches life tends to throw us. I found that I love getting my hands dirty creating something beautiful from the chaos of muddy clay.  I find inspiration focusing on designs which resonate with me personally and hopefully with others as well.  My No Hands Bridge Cup design is a local favorite which represents the Auburn area where I grew up and have chosen to raise my son.  

Recently I have added some Auburn Alehouse specific designs to my collection using the Alehouse's classic Aleman and Wheat A logos.  Each tumbler has its own personality and style.  You can find them for sale in the retail case at the Alehouse.”

You can find more info and products from Alexis on her website at


Some souls are just kind, supportive and beyond inspiring. Tammi is one of these souls. Our AAH staff knows her as HR Manager and her family loves her for being an amazing sister and mom. Her dedication to both her family and the Alehouse goes beyond measure. Thank you for all you do, Tammi, we love you!


Dedicated, hard working and fun! This is how we at Auburn Alehouse describe Trista. She's been on our team for 4 years and is committed to giving every guest a top notch experience when they visit. Her favorite beer is of course, Gold Digger IPA! 



The Eddie's

Brett and Gina Ellis



ZZ Hop Release Pays Tribute to the “Hop Hunter”

Mike Sober

Mike Sober is a big man in every way: His sheer size; his astounding facial mane; and his overwhelming reverence of craft beer. Beyond the irony of his last name, perhaps Mike’s most striking feature is his total, bigger-than-life appearance. . .he looks as though he should be on stage with old-school rockers Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and the beardless Frank Beard of ZZ Top.

He is as regular as any regular who has ever warmed a stool at the Auburn Alehouse, especially since he lives in Roseville with his wife of 39 years, Terri, who works at the True Value store on Nevada Street in Auburn. So when Brewmaster Brian Ford thought about creating his first triple IPA, “Honoring Mike by putting his image on the ZZ Hop came to mind immediately, ” he said. “The hoppier the beer the better as far as Mike is concerned, and this beer genuinely reflects his personality and his love of craft beer.”

Mike engineers trusses for a building components prefabrication company in Roseville, and if he is not riding his Italian-made Bianchi bicycle, his time is consumed with all things craft beer: He tore out the grass in his backyard, installed 10-foot poles and grows his own hops, producing just a couple of pounds of Cascade and Centennial varieties. He makes about 50 gallons of home-brewed beer each year, but , “I’d prefer to come to Brian’s place,” he said.

“I first got into beer in the Army when I was in Germany in the 70s,” Mike explained. “That’s when I learned that German beer was really good and American beer was crap. I started trying a lot of craft beers in the early 90s.”

Mike calls himself “The Hop Hunter” and as evidence, he maintains a flurry of Internet resources, including a Facebook page of the same name. Along with friends Mark Zahn and Rick Sellers, Mike created an organization called S.O.B.E.R. (Sierra Organization of Beer Enthusiast Recruiters, and the trio also launched the web site If that’s not enough, Mike also writes about his beer experiences and random thoughts at

When he travels, as you might imagine, Mike and Terri explore hot beer regions in the west. Last summer the pair traveled to Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and Colorado to find new brews. “It was an epic tour,” Mike said. “Colorado was the best. . .we visited 24 breweries and collected 26 growlers.”

Within the next few years the Sobers hope to travel to Belgium, “For three reasons,” Mike explained: “To taste beer, to go bicycling and to learn more about the history of both world wars. . .I’m very interested in that.”

ZZ Hops

Biking in the foothill is another of Mike’s passions. “My all-time, favorite bike ride is to the Alehouse, about 20 miles from Roseville and a climb of 1,100 feet in elevation,” he said. “It works up a nice thirst, and, of course, I get a ride home.”

Mike first met Brian Ford at Pistol Pete’s in Auburn when Brian was building Beerman’s in Lincoln. “Both our wives have a love of beer and we forged ahead based on that,” he said, adding, “Brian is a fantastic guy and a world class brewer—it has thrilled me to know him.”

While ZZ Hop is being released at the Auburn Alehouse on February 10, there will be a preview release on February 9 at Mike’s favorite Roseville haunt in Old Town. The reason is Mike and Brian will be in the Bay Area to participate in San Francisco Beer Week.

ZZ Hop is the first Auburn Alehouse brew to honor a customer. Besides his likeness on the label, there is another tribute to Mike: the slogan “Drink to be Sober,” a remarkably fitting double entendre.