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"My name is Alexis and I’ve been a server at Auburn Alehouse since October 2020. In addition to being a server, I create ceramic art for my own business called TerraformingMoxie.

Making ceramics started as a form of therapy for my during one of those rough patches life tends to throw us. I found that I love getting my hands dirty creating something beautiful from the chaos of muddy clay.  I find inspiration focusing on designs which resonate with me personally and hopefully with others as well.  My No Hands Bridge Cup design is a local favorite which represents the Auburn area where I grew up and have chosen to raise my son.  

Recently I have added some Auburn Alehouse specific designs to my collection using the Alehouse's classic Aleman and Wheat A logos.  Each tumbler has its own personality and style.  You can find them for sale in the retail case at the Alehouse.”

You can find more info and products from Alexis on her website at


Some souls are just kind, supportive and beyond inspiring. Tammi is one of these souls. Our AAH staff knows her as HR Manager and her family loves her for being an amazing sister and mom. Her dedication to both her family and the Alehouse goes beyond measure. Thank you for all you do, Tammi, we love you!


Dedicated, hard working and fun! This is how we at Auburn Alehouse describe Trista. She's been on our team for 4 years and is committed to giving every guest a top notch experience when they visit. Her favorite beer is of course, Gold Digger IPA! 



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