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Mug Club Monday

Members get $2 off their mugs of beer for the whole day! Wondering what other perks come with a Mug Club Membership?

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$10 Tuesday & Taco Tuesday @ 3pm

Select six packs* of beer are only $10 (plus tax and CRV)!
*for to-go only

Current varieties are:
Gold Country Pilsner

Que Delicioso!

Street Taco Shredded chicken or pork topped with cilantro, onion, salsa and cotija cheese 2.50

Fish Taco Grilled cod, Asian slaw, sour cream 3.50

Chicken Enchilada Smothered in Stella's secret enchilada sauces, stuffed with cheddar cheese and shredded chicken 3.25

Enchilada Plate One chicken enchilada with a side of black beans and cilantro rice 9

Chips & Salsa 3

House Margarita 4 *Add Gran Gala float for 1.50

Pint of the Night 4

Tequila Shot Hornitos Plata Agave Tequila 6


  • Shredded cheddar .50
  • Cilantro Rice 3
  • Black Beans 3
  • Sour Cream 1
  • Small Guacamole 2
  • Large Guacamole 4