Wednesday Night
Cask Ale

When space (and time!) permits, our brewer's have some fun experimenting with Cask Ales! Check back here or on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for upcoming cask ales. 

Cask Ale

Wednesday Night Cask Ale

Regulars and first-time customers to Auburn Alehouse often notice a funny looking tap that is situated at the end of the bar. This is our Beer Engine, a tool used to pull beer from small stainless casks called Firkins. Cask Ales are a traditional way of dispensing beer that don't require beverage gas to push beer through the faucet. The Firkin itself is not pressurized by anything other than the beer’s natural fermentation, so cask beers tend to be less carbonated than a typical draft beer.

Less carbonation results in a smoother mouthfeel; you will notice less “bite” on the sides of your cheeks and throat. This allows you to focus more on the flavors and natural bitterness of the hops in beers like Gold Digger or PU240. It also allows your palate to better appreciate subtle complexities found in our more malty beers, like stouts such as Old Town Brown. Not convinced? Try one of our cask beers side-by-side with a draft beer and see how the beer impacts the sides of your palate - we think you’ll appreciate the difference.

Beyond these differences, we are most proud of what thoughtful variations are created by our all-star brew crew on a weekly basis. With their years of experience in the brewery, they have the encouragement and ability to make tweaks to your favorite Alehouse beer that can be subtle, or just “out there”. Each week you can expect to see our IPAs served on top of even more aromatic hops, or stouts infused with fruit, or a roasty porter with our favorite locally-roasted coffee beans. The added ingredients are not meant to improve our beer, but to create dynamic flavors which either complement or contrast the beer’s overall profile.

If you’re looking for a new flavor in your favorite beers, or just want to see what the fuss is all about, we recommend you make it to the Alehouse Wednesday evenings - these unique offerings are only made in 10 gallon batches and won’t last long.

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