The Alehouse Brew Crew

Meet the Brew Crew!

Brian Ford, Brewmaster

It’s impossible to come to any conclusion other than Brian Ford was born to be a Brewmaster, following an unrelenting path that culminated in the creation of the Auburn Alehouse.

Born in Long Beach, CA, where his father was stationed in the Navy, Brian’s family moved to Weimar when he was 11, a place he calls home today with his wife and business partner, Lisa.

A quaint foothill community off of I-80, Brian’s parents owned the Applegate Saloon in Applegate Ca, a popular roadhouse torn down in the 1990s. “As a kid I cleaned the bar for money to race dirt bikes,” he said about his first job that pointed to his future occupation.

“My parents let me sample beer at home,” Brian explained. “They had a European attitude about it, not American—I was educated about beer at the kitchen table.”

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Justin Carapella, Lead Brewer

The only thing Justin loves more than crafting and brewing great beers... is drinking them! 

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Justin's passion for craft beer was sparked when a college roommate handed him a bottle of homebrewed beer, a pale ale brewed with ginger. The outrageous flavors that could be created were only the beginning, when he discovered the intricacies of what it takes to make a great brew, from grain to glass. The depth and curiosity of the process led him to obsessive homebrewing, and then to pursue a certificate from the American Brewers Guild, where he studied and earned a degree in intensive brewing science and engineering in Vermont. Taking the knowledge he earned as a homebrewer to the next level, Justin found success at brewpub brewing at Moon River in Savannah, Georgia, where he honed the quality and consistency of his process to the next level.

Destined to follow craft beer to its heartland, Justin moved to the West coast to be with his partner, Olivia, and take his craft to even higher heights with the Auburn Alehouse team. Justin is our lead brewer and works hard each day to achieve and exceed the high standards set forth by our award-winning ales and lagers. When he's not brewing, you might find him backpacking, hiking or gardening. Anything that connects him with the great outdoors.

Ryan Schlittenhart, Brewer

Ryan has been moving his way up the Auburn Alehouse ladder since 2010. Living in Placer County his whole life, it was no question that he wanted to work for the Alehouse right after graduating high school. He started off bussing tables, moved up to Server and eventually Bartender. After 10 years of working on the restaurant side, he decided it was time for something new, he wanted to learn a new trade within the Auburn Alehouse. 

Ryan has always had a passion for craft beer and wanted to pursue becoming a brewer. He said, "I'm so glad I made that decision because I am enjoying this new trade so much and learning something new every day. I am so thankful to be learning from the best of the best!" Single IPA's and Pilsners are amongst his favorite styles of beer. 

When Ryan is not soaking up beer knowledge from his boss and peers, you can find him outdoors! He loves backpacking, riding dirt bikes, mountain biking and snowboarding.