beer glass Auburn Alehouse

Old Prospector Barleywine-Style Ale

Summer 2007

2nd Place Winner ~ California State Fair 2010

Rich and vibrant this Brewer’s Private Reserve has been coolaged in Zinfandel barrels acquired from our favorite local Placer County Wineries.

With over 6 months of aging this “wine-strength” ale has been greatly enhanced by its long slumbering contact with the Zinfandel soaked barrels. A bouquet of soft oak, plumb and raisin give way to a peppery Zin profile which balances nicely with complex malt and a gentle hop presence.

If you can find the willpower, cellar this unique Ale as it will continue to mature and reward.


On Tap 64 oz. Growler

Food Pairings

fish chicken steak

Original Gravity: 23.5
Bittering Units (BU's): 95
Alcohol (%by vol): 10%


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