beer glass Auburn Alehouse

Fool’s Gold Ale

March, 2001 (pilot brewery)

The Pale that Packs a punch!

Foolish amounts of North America’s finest pale malted barley infused with a ton of Pacif­ic Northwest hops sets this west coast strong pale ale apart from others. Our pale pours bright golden in color with a fragrant, dense, foamy head. Sharp, yet well balanced on the palate, Fool’s Gold is not your ordinary Pale Ale. Don’t let the golden color fool you, this nugget weighs in at 7.8% abv.


On Tap 64 oz. Growler 22 oz. bottles

Food Pairings

fish chicken

Original Gravity: 16.7
Bittering Units (BU's): 50
Alcohol (%by vol): 7.8%


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