beer glass Auburn Alehouse

Californium IPA

March 2009

At a gathering with friends at O’Brien’s Pub in San Diego, a common thought among us was brought to light; why should a brewery produce only one IPA?  The isotope IPA series was born.

Brewed as a “single” IPA hopped like a “double” IPA, Californium (named after a man-made isotope suitable for medical-grade use) dutifully employs the “C” hops that were made famous in the formidable years of California’s craft beer scene.

Light and dry, a true California style IPA.

Available whenever we have extra tank space!


On Tap 64 oz. Growler

Food Pairings

chicken steak

Original Gravity: 16.25
Bittering Units (BU's): 75
Alcohol (%by vol): 7


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